Build A Real Estate Business That Scales With You

Start leveraging the values and principles that helped make you a successful athlete and turn them into a high producing Real Estate business.
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Most agents already possess the skills to be successful but lack the guidance to do it alone... 

  • You've been given strategies that don't align with your strengths.
  • You've focused all your time on strangers rather than the most valuable people in your business.
  • You've believed the lie that scaling your real estate business comes at the cost of more stress and more overhead. 


    Even "successful" agents live in fear about what's next with no plan to scale outside of themselves.

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Unlock your full potential and start leveraging your current strengths.

On-Demand Courses

Our course library will help you focus in and gain traction immediately with step-by-step daily guidance on building your business. 

Live Coaching

Access to daily live sales training through our Breakfast Club Partnership.

Training with a StoryBrand Marketing Guide

Master your marketing and remain authentic for your clients with the StoryBrand framework.

I saw the real estate industry and knew there must be another way...


"As a former athlete, I know how hard it can be to adjust to life after athletics.

I began to feel unfulfilled in real estate because I wasn’t using the skills and principles I had developed as an athlete. Once I began applying these strengths to business, I gained traction and a business that was more authentic to me!"

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Bridge The Gap Between Athletics and Business

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Stop Chasing Average

Curious if there’s a better way? You have found the platform to level up your business and your life… Building a more enjoyable, scalable, and profitable real estate business than you ever imagined. We’d love to share with you how we partner with agents to provide everything you need to grow your business or team/company!

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eXp is not just a real estate brokerage.


It’s a platform for a real estate agent to grow a business within a business. This is where the massive opportunity lies within this platform. As we meet with agents, teams, and broker owners on a daily basis; most are stuck trying to figure out how to leverage their experience and strengths to grow.

When we share the opportunity of eXp’s platform, the reaction from many top performers is this is everything I was trying to create on my own, I just didn’t know how to do it. This platform offers you a vehicle you can LEVERAGE to build an actual business for yourself vs a job.

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Onboarding made easy


We make your move easy. From the pre-boarding process, to the moment you officially transfer your license you will be set up in a detailed step-by-step system to ensure every part of your business is set up, plugged in and your current business can continue running at full speed. Next, we will walk you through integrating the resources and opportunities to advance your business. All while having an onboarding concierge helping you with everything along the way.

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Breakfast Club Sales Training

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with Athlete-to-Agent is having access to our daily and weekly coaching and accountability with one of the most powerful sales conversion coaches in the business. Our partners see tremendous success within weeks in taking more listings and establishing the systems needed to scale their business to double. If you are tired of not having control over your business or spending money on internet leads that aren’t converting …. Come check out why this might just be the difference you were looking for.
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Industry Leading Technologies to Fuel Agents Growth.

⦿ eXp World
⦿ eXp Enterprise
⦿ Full-Service Transaction Management
⦿ Full-Service Listing Management
⦿ Skyslope
⦿ Workplace
⦿ KV Core (CRM System)
⦿ Core Present – CMA Builder & Market Analytics
⦿ Core Property Boost – One Click Lead Generation
⦿ Pitch Sheet – Active Buyers Database for Listing Appointments
⦿ Lead Generation
⦿ Optional Tools

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Of course you are. You are a real estate agent going after a bigger opportunity for you!

Join the thousands of agents building a business for themselves and creating FREEDOM.

You can gain FREE access to our live daily and weekly coaching classes to see the impact for yourself upfront.


Step 1 — Gets you connected with our Onboarding Concierge
Step 2 — Starts the Application and ICA process (This does not transfer you)
Step 3 — You will receive the License Transfer instructions via email to
select the day you want to transfer and trigger your move

Step 1 - Let's Get Started
Step 2 - Join Now
Onboarding Guide by State

Onboarding Concierge

Once your application is complete you will immediately be contacted by the Athlete-To-Agent
Onboarding Concierge who will provide a full introduction and next steps. Remember,
you are always in full control of the actual transferring of your license, which
means no license transfer happens until you pull the trigger in the final step
sent to you by the eXp Broker after your application and ICA is reviewed. No one will be notified that you are filling out any information with eXp.

Your Onboarding Concierge will start the process with you to collect a professional
headshot, provide instant access to our exclusive coaching and training platforms,
as well as connect you right away to our in-house Marketing Team who will work directly
with you to rebrand and create custom marketing materials. Welcome to Athlete-To-Agent and
eXp Realty!